Theft From Delos

Theft From Delos is avaiable in South Africa in all leading bookstores, such as:

  • Exclusive Books
  • CNA
  • Bargain Books
  • Wordsworth Books
  • Clarke’s Bookstore

Theft From Delos is available in Spain, Italy, Germany and Denmark.

Theft from Delos is available in most countries in Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, South America, South Africa, South East Asia, Japan and Australia.

Below is a link to my official webpage with Europe Books UK:

On 11 June 2021, I was interviewed on Conoscere Television in Italy.
The interview can be viewed on YouTube.

Newspaper interview:

The Postojna Manuscript

Mervyn Nel is presently submitting his next novel, The Postojna Manuscript, which is a mystery thriller that plays out in the beautiful country of Slovenia.